Joint Venture I and II

Colors: Black
Suggested Retail Price: $86/$88

Instant sleeping gab doubler, The Joint Venture is one part coated ground sheet and one part sleeping space. By fully unzipping a rectangular style sleeping bag and attaching the Joint Venture, two people can utilize one bag. Provides even more room than two bags zipped together. Also excellent for hunters and truck campers who merely want extra snooze space. Constructed of coated pack cloth bottom and Micro Therm upper with built in pockets for a ground pad.

Joint Venture I
Size 90 x 45 in in (230 x 115 cm)
Weight 1.55 lbs. (710 gm)
dt>Joint Venture II
Size 90 x 55 in in (230 x 140 cm)
Weight 1.75 lbs. (800 gm)

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