The Gypsy

Colors: Black, Grey, Navy, Spruce
Suggested Retail Price: $238.00

Gypsy Traveler: Europe Bound? Canada Bound? Central America? Whatever your destination, the Gypsy is our best selling Travel Pack. It is perfect for EuroTrain travel, packing in the Alps or Rockies, and acts like Kryptonite to Airport baggage supermen. This is the most versatile Travel Pack you can buy.

Size 25x17x7.5 in. (63x43x19 cm)
Capacity 4650 cubic inches (76340 cc)
Weight 5.2 lbs. (2350 gm)

Size Size 27x17x7.5 in. (69x43x19 cm)
Capacity 4950 cubic inches (81260 cc)
Weight 5.4 lbs. (2450 gm)

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