Dufflers I, II, III, and IV

Colors: Black, Navy, Olive
Suggested Retail Price:
Small: $27
Medium: $33
Large: $45
X-Large: $56

We build our dufflers in four sizes to fit every need. Our small and medium sizes will carry the workout stuff to the gym or the Air Caribous to the blacktop. Caribou's large duffler holds enough for a weekend ski trip or a road trip to the beach. Our X-large stores enough for that X-country trip or week vacation in Cancun. Our dufflers feature leather handle grips, O-rings for an optional shoulder strap and zippered end pocket. Fabric: Ripstop Cordura

Size 17" x 9.5" (43 x 24 cm)
Capacity 1350 cubic inches (22100 cc)
Weight .71 lbs. (320 gm)
Size 21" x 11" (53 x 28 cm)
Capacity 2175 cubic inches (35650 cc)
Weight .88 lbs. (400 gm)
Size 28" x 14.5" (71 x 37 cm)
Capacity 4900 cubic inches (80300 cc)
Weight 1.21 lbs. (550 gm)
Size 35" x 17" (89 x 43 cm)
Capacity 8200 cubic inches (134350 cc)
Weight 2.20 lbs. (1000 gm)

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